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Welcome to the Byron Optimist Soccer Club Website

Welcome to the Byron Optimist Soccer Club website!!

There are lots of things going on this summer in addition to our regular programs.  Be sure to check out all of our programs under the Club Programs menu...everyone has a chance to get involved!

With so much going on, and with our new website, we are regularly adding information, so please keep checking back.

Registrations for all programs are currently open and filling fast...don't miss out!


Aug 25 - Complex and all City Fields CLOSED except Citywide

The Byron Optimist Sports Complex have closed the soccer fields for today (Thursday, August 25).

The City of London has also closed all city fields except for City Wide turf field (Thursday, August 25).

by posted 08/25/2016
Competitive Soccer Assessments and Indoor Programming

As another successful outdoor soccer season winds down, schedules for competitive player assessments for outdoor 2017 and registration for indoor programs open to competitive and recreational players is being finalized and will be posted to www.byronsoccer.ca  by Labour.

Details on both assessments and indoor programming are below.    


Competitive Soccer Fall Assessments (U7-U18) 

Byron will be running assessments for players interested in participating in the Club's Competitive Soccer program for Outdoor 2017. Assessments will be open to players born 2009 to 1999. Assessments for all age groups will be run by a technical committee consisting of the team’s head coaches along with Byron's Technical Staff. Assessments will be held at the Byron Optimist Sports Complex on Boler Road.

Assessment schedule will be posted to the Byron Soccer website (www.byronsoccer.ca) with registration opening by Labour day.

There is no cost for players wishing to participate in the assessments.


Indoor Soccer Programming (U4-U18)

Byron, Norwest and Lambeth FC soccer will collectively be running indoor soccer programs beginning in mid to late October. Enrollment will be open to Individual players and/or groups of players. Training program options will be available for both Competitive and recreational players. Players registered with any of the three Clubs will receive program pricing and placement priority over players from other Clubs who may want to enroll.

Programing will be offered seven days a week and run on turf at "One  Goal" located at 1490 North Routledge - just north of the intersection at Hyde Park road and Gainsborough Road.

Programs will be staffed with technical staff from Byron, Norwest and Lambent with qualifications ranging from OSA Provincial C to CSA National B and UEFA B accreditations.


Programming will include:

-Skills training and focused activities (1 vs 1, 2 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, etc)

-Small sided themed games

-Open team based play / games

-"Skills Club" multi program membership 


Program Information and Registration

Program schedules will be posted to the Byron Soccer website (www.byronsoccer.ca) with registration opening by Labour day.


Questions - please send inquiries to  .

by posted 08/21/2016
Reminder: Lightning and Thunder

Just a refresher on our weather policies considering it's been a while!

All players, parents, spectators are to clear the fields at the sound of thunder or sight of lightning.  Any games and practices can resume 30 minutes after the last lightning/thunder (so if it happens at minute 29, the clock resets to another 30 minutes).

The Complex has a lightning alarm.  It will light up as lightning approaches (although it is hard to see from the fields), and will sound an alarm when lightning is imminent.  You must clear the fields ASAP.  If a ref is not calling the game, get your player and leave the field and let us know so we can advise the EMSA head ref or our Referee Director.  Don't worry about looking like an idiot - no soccer game is worth serious injury or worse!

The Weather Network has a convenient app that allows you to receive notifications about lightning and weather warnings.   Lightningmaps.org is another website that shows lightning strikes as they approach (I am addicted to it!).

But don't rely just on technology...common sense should prevail!  If you hear thunder or see lightning, don't take any chances...head for safety!

Or as the players say, "Don't be lame, end the game!"

PS And we try our best, but we can't always get the website updated as quickly as a storm approaches...we are usually out on the pitch too!



by posted 07/08/2016
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