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Byron Soccer has a long standing tradition of offering Grassroots Development soccer to the surrounding community.


Byron has achieved Silver Club Excellence status awarded by the Ontario Soccer Association (OSA). Byron is only one of two Clubs in Elgin Middlesex District to be awarded any level of Club Excellence by the OSA. 


The award confirms that Byron Soccer is fully compliant with the Long Term Player/Athlete Development (LTPD) supported by the OSA and the Government of Canada. For more information please go to http://www.ontariosoccer.net/player-ltpd.


This means that our youngest and most excited players will be well supported with a comprehensive curriculum developed by our partner Global Premier Soccer (GPS). The curriculum is age appropriate for their physical, emotional and mental stage focussed on physical literacy, skill development and game play development.  The activities and games in the curriculum will challenge the players given their stage of development.


Training and coaching is delivered by our professional and licensed Staff Coaches.