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Coaches Manual


Blank Session Plan Forms


4 Corner Model Player Assessment Form



Tournaments and Festivals

  • Must apply to the District for travel permits when attending any tournaments or festivals outside of EMSA

  • Must have player ID cards for every player when attending any tournaments or festivals outside of EMSA

  • Please notify the Competitive Director as part of the application process in order to ensure Club approval


Exhibitions and Friendlies

  • All competitions must be sanctioned by the OSA

  • Coaches must work with the Club to gain appropriate approvals from the District and the OSA

  • Coaches and Managers will be liable for all legal and other issues arising from non-sanctioned events


Call-Ups and Guest Players

  • Call-ups from the Byron recreational or competitive teams do require Club approvals

  • Call-ups from other Clubs require Club and District approval

  • Work with the Competitive Director for all call-ups to ensure appropriate approvals are in place

  • Please ensure you have reviewed the rules around call-ups for the league you play in


Adidas and Source For Sports

  • Adidas Partner Club - respect the Club's agreement by ensuring players wear Adidas equipment 
  • Source For Sports - Only supplier approved to use the Byron Soccer logo
  • Equipment - Source will provide coaches with Byron volume discount pricing for equipment items