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The Team Officials Reward System!

At Byron-NorWest Soccer, it is our goal to provide a safe, enjoyable and inspiring soccer experience, not just for players, but coaches, managers, and volunteers! We Catch them Being Good and recognize their hard work with our reward system. 


Our reward system uses our own currency in the form of wooden nickels that are worth five (5) “Club Dollars” which can be put toward any payments within the club.

Merchandise examples are:

•    Jackets with Byron-NorWest Club insignia

•    Shirts with Byron-NorWest Cub insignia

•    Other clothing items

•    Event tickets sold through the Club

Credit Examples include:

•    Player soccer season registration fees

•    Player camps, development programs

•    LTPD Coaching certification courses offered through BNW

•    NCCP courses offered through BNW


Earning wooden nickels is easy. Attending most club events and courses that you are invited to, or signed up for, earns them! Exceptional coaches, managers, and volunteers are also rewarded when the positive impact they are having on the Club is brought to the Club’s attention. Our goal is to show appreciation to our members whenever we ‘Catch them Being Good’, offer them the recognition that is useful to them and provides an incentive for them to ‘Just Be Good’. 

The best part about this system is the simplicity in tracking individual rewards earned. All members must do is collect their wooden nickels and bring them into the office to redeem them. Once redeemed, the nickels are given back to the Club so that they can be re-distributed. This system removes the need for Club administration to maintain a complex database rewards.

We greatly appreciate the work of all club members, and this reward system is just for them!

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